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Do you need to be an Underpass member to buy tickets from an ambassador?
No, you can sell tickets to your friends without them being a member.
Are the prices per person or per package?
The prices are as indicated on the website. Always refer to the ticket provider for precise details.
How can my friends buy a ticket?
They can utilize your personal discount link/code. Ensure consistent use of your link to accumulate points for claiming rewards.
Can I cancel my ticket?
Typically, ticket cancellations are not feasible unless specified otherwise by the festival. If unable to attend, consider selling your ticket on a third-party platform like Ticketswap.
How does the secondary market work?
Guidelines for the secondary market can be found at
Can I change the name on my ticket?
No, unless otherwise specified by the festival.
Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?
Yes, although we recommend using a secure method such as Ticketswap. Refer to their guidelines at